Notes From the Field

Construction progress. Latest view of Segilola Construction site. Check in here frequently for construction updates.

Casting of Ball Mill Foundation

Crushed Ore Stockpile - Reinforcement Formwork

Crushed Ore Stockpile Reinforcement

Reinforcement of Ball Milling Section

Clearing of the Road to the Tailings Dam

Perimeter Fencing - Processing Plant / Dorm Aerial View

Setting of Foundation Base Block for the Perimeter Fence of the Processing Plant

Fixing of Tie Beam Reinforcement of the Workshop Section - Processing Plant

Reinforcement Wall Installations at Crushed Ore Stockpile

Casting of Sump Pit Area at Crushed Ore Stockpile

Aerial Views - Construction Progress

Reinforcement Footing of Milling Section: ongoing

Excavation and level cutting: Milling Section / Lean concrete casting: Stockpile Section

Clearing of an access road / Reinforcement of Stockpile Foundation (ongoing work)

Fixing and Compaction - Workshop Building

Aerial View - Segilola Site

Aerial Views - Helipad / Leech Tanks / Batching Plant

Fixing of the Roof Trusses - Recreation Building

Casting of Foundation Column - workshop section, process plant

Cutting of Soil Materials - stockpile section

Drilling & Piling of Crush Section

Roof work on Admin Buildings

Aerial Views - leach tanks / buildings / batch plant

Removal of the blasted rock at the stockpile section

Crushing Section: drilling & a completed hole

Completed Blind Work at Chalet No. 19

Concrete Casting at Leach Section

Piling Hole Drilling Continues

Piling Hole at Processing Plant

Foundation Detail and rebar placement

Drilling of piling hole

Hard Stone drilling at Stockpile

Removal of the blasted rock; prep for next round of blasting

Fixing of the shuttering for the casting

Aerial Views - process plant and camp

Ring Beam and Roof Trusses - aerial views

Stabilizing the batter slope

Reinforcement works for tanks - ready for shuttering

Spillway riprap setting at the Water Storage Dam.

Raft foundation reinforcement - leach section

Water Storage Dam

Block settings continues at Dining Building

Permanent Camp - aerial view

Notes From the Field

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